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Allied Health

The Allied Health team provide specialised knowledge in supporting our students to develop and maintain physical, sensory, social, and communication skills. Allied Health are passionate about collaborating with families, teachers, school leadership, and external agencies to ensure our students can engage and successfully participate in their learning experience at school.


The student’s strengths and abilities guide Allied Health in planning and supporting learning during academic and everyday activities.


Speech Pathology

The Speech Pathologists work within the collaborative model of the school assisting by supporting teachers to develop the language and communication of all our students. This includes assisting teachers in assessment and goal setting and providing recommendations for intervention and teaching strategies in speech, language, eating and swallowing, hearing and reading and writing.


The Speech Pathologists also lead the assessment and prescription of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems and supports for our students. This could include whole classroom based visual systems as well as individual systems such as a Speech Generating Device (SGD).


Occupational Therapy

The primary goal of Occupational Therapy at Jennings Street School is to empower and support our students to participate in their school day. The Occupational Therapists collaborate with teachers and support staff to identify the sensory processing capabilities and difficulties of our students.


The Occupational Therapists provide support and input in the development of skills that assist students to:

  • Increase motor planning skills and motor co-ordination
  • Develop fine motor
  • Develop independence in self-care skills
  • Develop play skills.